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Course Overview

Bachelor of Arts (Music Production)

If you dream of a career as a Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Electronic Music Producer, Composer, DJ, Performer, Songwriter, Interactive & Mixed Media Specialist or Sound Designer, this course is for you.

The Bachelor of Arts (Music Production) combines performance, technology, composition, audio and industry skills to deliver a multifaceted music education. Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced producer, songwriter, DJ, performer or engineer, this course provides you with comprehensive practical skills and knowledge to make a career in the industry.

Music Production students also work closely with students from other courses to gain a well-rounded understanding of processes involved in the music industry. You will be trained and mentored by industry experts who are currently working as music producers, audio professionals, recording artists and music creators, as well as learning from artist managers, studio engineers, and live sound technicians.

You will master a variety of software applications and be mentored in small-sized classes, undertaking fundamental units in audio recording, digital audio workstations, music performance, digital and electronic instruments, music technology and music business management.

Bachelor of Arts (Music Production)

The Bachelor of Arts (Music Production) develops your understanding of the business and management side of the music and entertainment industries. You will build your practical mastery and theoretical understanding of music production techniques, including studio recording, mix engineering, song arrangement, sound design, synthesis and songwriting, while developing a strong portfolio of work that will demonstrate experience in these fields. The Degree can be completed in six trimesters (two years) of full-time study.

Throughout the degree, you will:

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge about music production;
  • Learn practical skills in software applications; Ableton Live, Logic X and Protools;
  • Collaborate and perform live with technology;
  • Explore new and emerging music production techniques and technologies;
  • Master studio recording techniques;
  • Enhance songwriting, recording and performance skills;
  • Create a portfolio of music with artistic direction;
  • Work with our experienced industry experts;
  • Learn business and entrepreneurial skills for the music industry;
  • Undertake a 60-hour work placement.

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Diploma of Arts (Music Production)

The Diploma of Arts (Music Production) provides you with a fundamental understanding of music production, as well as an overview of the music industry and how to thrive within it. The Diploma can be completed in two trimesters of full-time study and you have the opportunity to progress into the Bachelor Degree (subject to academic performance).

Throughout the Diploma, you will:

  • Develop skills in studio recording, mix engineering, synthesis, sound design, arrangement and songwriting;
  • Create professional quality music;
  • Work with technology to enhance songwriting, recording and performance;
  • Collaborate with musicians, audio professionals and entertainment managers;
  • Develop specialist recording and post-production skills;
  • Explore new and emerging music and audio technologies.

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Admission and Intake

The Bachelor and Diploma of Arts (Music Production) are delivered at the Wellington Street and Brunswick Street Campuses and is recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework, accredited until 2023 (CRICOS Code 095133A). For admission criteriaclick here.

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Admissions Requirements

ALL APPLICANTS: Applicants must undertake a 30 minute interview. During the interview we will ask you questions about your knowledge and experience within your field of interest as well as discuss your course choice with you. 

Diploma – Applicants are required to successfully complete VCAL, VCE, IB or state/international year 12 equivalent. If students have not completed the year 12 requirements, they must be at least 20 years of age. The diploma can be used as a pathway into the Bachelor degree. There is no ATAR minimum or subject requirements.

Bachelor – Applicants are required to successfully complete VCE, IB or state/international year 12 equivalent. VCAL students are not eligible for the Bachelor until they have successfully completed the diploma. If students have not completed the year 12 requirements, they must be at least 20 years of age. There is no ATAR minimum or subject requirements.

Course Intake Dates: We run 3 intakes throughout the year, February, May, and September. Please see our Course Dates page for more information.

How To Apply

Non-Year 12 applicants may apply directly on the website, and a Future Student Coordinator will be in touch to arrange an interview.

Year 12 applicants MUST apply through VTAC. VTAC opens in August each year. Place the appropriate Collarts course into one of your preferences and a Future Student Coordinator will be in touch to arrange an interview.


Music Production


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