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Open Day Jan 19 2019 (76 of 78) (3)
Learn to how to create professional animation and visual effects for the film, television, online entertainment and gaming industry.
Audio Engineering
Learn to mix live sound, create sound for film and television, install large scale sound-equipment and record bands and artists.
Tri 1 O-Week & Party 2019 - 1-02-19 (31 of 145) (1)-1
Learn the fundamentals of comedy performance, comedy writing, production, and entrepreneurship, in order to develop and manage a career in the entertainment industry.
Content Creation
Create professional-quality digital content in a real studio environment and learn how to develop digital and content marketing strategies for the creative industries.
Entertainment Journalism
Learn to capture stories using a range of technologies and tools across Music, Fashion, Food and Lifestyle Journalism.
Entertainment Management
Learn to manage, produce and tour artists, create large-scale events and work within the entertainment industry.
Fashion Marketing
Learn how to implement marketing, publicity and social media strategies for fashion, forecasting from both its history and its current landscape.
Interior Design
Learn fundamental skills in both the technical and business sides of the entertainment industry, gaining valuable insight into live music and production.
Music Performance
Learn to perform at a professional level, write and produce your own music and collaborate with other musicians.
Music Production
Learn practical software skills, perform live with technology, enhance your song writing and composing skills and master studio recording techniques.
Double Degrees
Learn fundamental skills in the entertainment industry, widening pathways around technical musicianship, marketing and business strategy.