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VETIS Overview

Vocational Education and Training (VET) has become an important link for students making the transition from school to working life. Upon successful completion of a VET program, students are awarded a nationally-accredited vocational training certificate. A VET qualification carries directly into further education and training at a tertiary level – for example, Certificate III in Music Industry provides students with the foundation skills for a Diploma of Music.

VET prepares students for the workforce by:

  • Providing the opportunity to trial a career;
  • Allowing the development of effective links with industry employers;
  • Improving relevant skills for employment;
  • Enhancing knowledge of employer expectations and real working conditions;
  • Developing the capacity for cooperation, teamwork and leadership;
  • Assisting the transition from school to the workforce;
  • VET programs contribute directly to the ATAR score, or as a fifth or sixth subject.

VET increases a student’s learning potential by:

  • Broadening their VCE/VCAL options;
  • Developing their capacity in decision-making and problem-solving;
  • Matching their interests and career aspirations with strong educational pathways.

Partnerships With Collarts

We have been working with schools across Australia for more than 20 years, providing high-quality Vocational Education Training (VET).

We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and work with schools and training organisations to deliver VET Music and Screen and Media programs.

These VET programs are a great way for schools and training organisations to offer practical learning for students.

The delivery of VET qualifications must be done through an RTO (Registered Training Organisation).

If your school isn’t an RTO, Collarts can assist in implementing programs through an auspicing arrangement where Collarts acts as your RTO, as well as providing support, training resources, professional development, and student workshops.

If your school is already an RTO, Collarts can supply training resources, professional development and student workshops to support your VET programs. Find out more by reading through the further information on this webpage, or contact us.

VET Certificates

Below is a list of courses Collarts offers from the CUA Creative Arts and Culture Training package:
Certificates and statements of attainment

On completion of the requirements defined in the CUA Creative Arts and Culture Training Package, an RTO may issue a nationally recognised AQF qualification. A Statement of Attainment is issued by an RTO when an individual has completed one or more units of competency from nationally recognised qualifications or courses.

Certificate reissue

If you require replacement of a lost or damaged certificate, please fill out the Certificate or Statement of Attainment reissue form below.

The re-issuance fee for an individual certificate or statement is $40 (includes GST) and upfront payment is required. Where multiple certificates or statements are requested (e.g. an entire class) the fee is capped at $100 (includes GST).

If you require assistance or more information about the most appropriate courses to offer at your school, email our VETiS Manager.


CUA30915 Certificate III in Music Industry

This Certificate provides students with the opportunity to apply a broad range of knowledge and skills in varied work contexts in the music industry.

If the student chooses the Performance Specialisation they will make a music demo, compose simple songs or musical pieces, develop ensemble and improvisation skills, prepare for performances along with performing music as part of a group or soloist.  

If the students chooses the Sound Production Specialisation they will learn practical skills and knowledge to record, mix and edit sound sources, implementing, repairing and maintaining audio equipment. They will perform basic sound editing, develop music industry knowledge, record and mix basic music demos, operate sound reinforcement systems and install and disassemble audio equipment. 

2 Year Program 
Each Wednesday 1pm - 5pm 
Wellington Street Campus 

Student Fee:
Tuition Cost

Year 1 - $1,285
Year 2 - $1,285
Material Fee
Year 1 - $154
Year 2 - $154
All Fees invoiced to Secondary Schools.

Performance Stream 

Units 1 & 2 (year 1) - Delivered in 2021
BSBWHS201 - Contribute to health and saftey of self and others 
CUACMP301 - Implement copyright arrangements 
CUAIND303 - Work effectively in the music industry 
CUAMLT302 - Apply Knowledge of style and genre to music industry practices 
CUAMPF203 - Develop ensemble skills for playing or singing music 
CUAMCP301 - Compose simple songs or musical pieces 

Units 3 & 4 (year 2) - Delivered in 2022
CUAMPF301 - Develop Technical skills in performance 
CUAMPF302 - Prepare for performances 
CUAMPF305 - Develop Improvisation Skills 
CUAMPF402 - Develop and maintain stagecraft skills 
CUAMPF404 - Perform music as part of a group or CUAMPF406 - Perform music as a soloist 

Sound Production Stream 

Units 1 & 2 (year 1) - Delivered in 2021
BSBWHS201 - Contribute to health and safety of self and others 
CUACMP301 - Implement copyright arrangements 
CUAIND303 - Work effectively in the music industry 
CUAMLT302 - Apply Knowledge of style and genre to music industry practices 
CUASOU201 - Develop basic audio skills and knowledge 
CUASOU202 - Perform basic sound editing 

Unit 3 & 4 (year 2) - Delivered in 2022
CUASOU311 - Mix Music in a studio environment 
CUASOU306 - Operate sound reinforcement systems 
CUASOU307 - Record and mix basic music demo 
CUASOU308 - Install and disassemble audio equipment 
CUASOU402 - Manage audio input sources 

Credit in VCE or VCAL: 

Recognition of two units at Units 1 and 2 level and at least one Units 3 and 4 sequence. Students who are able to undertake further training to complete the Certificate III in Music qualification may be eligible for further credit at Units 3 and 4 level.

ATAR contribution: 

Students wishing to receive an ATAR contribution for a Certificate III Music Performance or Sound Production specialisation must undertake scored assessment for the purpose of achieving a study score. This study score can contribute directly to the ATAR, either as one of the student's best four studies (the primary four) or as a fifth or sixth study.

Where a student elects not to receive a study score for the Music Performance or Sound Production, no contribution to the ATAR will be available.

Students who undertake additional training from Certificate III and achieve a further units 3 and 4 sequence may be eligible for an increment towards their ATAR (10 per cent of the lowest study score in the primary four scaled studies).

**course progression is dependent on enrolments.  
** course subject to change without notice 

Professional Development

Collarts offer a range of professional development sessions to assist teachers and trainers with their industry currency and ongoing learning, with a focus on improving the delivery of VET Music Programs. These sessions are delivered at Collarts’ Collingwood and/or Fitzroy campuses.

Our professional development session topics include:

MUSIC INDUSTRY: Music Performance, Music Improvisation, Songwriting, Live Sound, Studio Recording, Pro Tools, Logic X and/or Ableton.

SCREEN and MEDIA: Design Thinking and/or UX Design.


Student Workshops

Student workshops provide an opportunity for students to get hands-on music-industry experience with our equipment, facilities and staff. The days usually run on a Wednesday and are designed for VCE and VET students and can be customised to meet the needs of individual teachers and schools.

We offer workshops across these areas:

  • Live Performance (with video and audio recording to Pro Tools)
  • Live Sound (including Digital desks)
  • Songwriting
  • Studio & Mac Lab (Pro Tools, Logic X &/or Ableton)

Collarts’ workshops are:

  • Led by experienced music-industry professionals
  • Suitable for Year 10, 11 and 12 students and work best with a group size of 10–25 students

Workshops cost $15 per student invoiced after the event and include morning tea. 


Effective teaching needs to be engaging, flexible, practical and enjoyable. Collarts’ online teaching and training platform provides online materials, which allow students to research and learn away from the classroom. This means more time in the classroom for face-to-face contact and interaction.

Collarts also supports teachers through a flexible suite of resources and assessment tools. Teachers decide how much content they use and can blend our resources with other training tools if desired.

Teaching resources include:

  • Course notes and guides
  • Student activities
  • A range of assessment tasks
  • Quizzes
  • Instructional learning videos
  • Guest presenter videos
  • Links to complementary resources

To arrange a demonstration or to trial some online resources, email our VETiS Manager.