Orientation Week, 28th January — 31st January
Trimester 1 Teaching Period, 3rd February — 24th April

Direct Applications Close, 7th February 
Census Date, 21st February

Graduation, Monday 20th April


Orientation is compulsory for all new students. Each course will have a day where students from the same course will spend time getting to know one another and their teachers. You will also have Student ID photos taken, have your MyCollarts email and account set up, will learn about your course’s subjects and structure, and hear from the student registrar team about student services that are available.

All courses will come together on an evening for the O-Week Party. Details of the o-week party will be emailed to new students soon. Check what days you need to attend below.



Date: Tuesday 28 January
Time: 7:00PM
Location: Online Video


Date: Tuesday 28 January
Time: 9:00AM
Location: Wellington St Campus 


Date: Friday 31 January
Time: 9:00AM
Location: Wellington St Campus 


Date: Friday 31 January
Time: 9:00AM
Location: Wellington St Campus 


Date: Friday 31 January
Time: 9:00AM
Location: Wellington St Campus 


Date: Thursday 30 January
Time: 7:00PM
Location: Online Video


Date: Thursday 30 January
Time: 10:00AM
Location: Cromwell St Campus


Date: Thursday 30 January
Time: 8:30PM
Location: Online Video


Date: Thursday 30 January
Time: 10:00AM
Location: Cromwell St Campus



Date: Wednesday 29 January
Time: 9:00AM
Location: Wellington Campus


Date: Tuesday 28 January
Time: 9:00AM
Location: Wellington St Campus 


Date: Thursday 30 January
Time: 9:00AM
Location: Wellington St Campus


Date: Thursday 30 January
Time: 9:00AM
Location: Wellington St Campus


Date: Tuesday 28 January
Time: 9:00AM
Location: Wellington St Campus


Date: Wednesday 29 January
Time: 9:00AM
Location: Wellington Campus


Date: Tuesday 28 January
Time: 9:00AM
Location: Wellington St Campus 


Click here for more information on our campus facilities, public transport options and concession, and parking.


Travelling safely between campuses

Walk with a group if possible.
Stick to well lit, well populated areas.
Call the campus that you’re heading to! It takes 10 seconds and you can ensure someone’s going to make sure you’ve arrived safely.

Campus phone numbers

Wellington St: 1300 818 777
Brunswick St: (03) 8657 8788
Cromwell St: (03) 9999 1151

Getting home safely

Plan ahead, know the route you’re taking before you leave.
Travel with friends.
Victoria Police provide excellent tips on using public transport safely.  You can find that information by clicking here. 

Looking after your belongings

Keep your belongings on your person while on campus, don’t leave them unattended for any length of time.
Remember there are lockers available to use FREE from open to close at Wellington St campus, even if you need to leave your belongings while you’re at lunch, those are available to use for even just a short amount of time.
Don’t leave your belongings outside ever, even if it’s just to run in for a second.

Reporting a theft

If you lose something on campus, let whoever is at the front desk know either via email ( or in person. 
Tell them where you have been on campus and what times you were there, as they might be able to find CCTV capture of your lost belongings.
Should it become apparent your belongings have been stolen, any captured footage will be emailed to you should you decide to contact the police regarding the incident.


Photos for Student ID cards will be taken at your Orientation Day (see Orientation section on this page for the date). If you miss orientation, ask at the front desk of the Wellington St campus to arrange having your Student ID photo taken.

Alternatively, be sure to attend the orientation re-cap that will be schedule during the 2nd week of orientation.

Once you are enrolled at Collarts you can apply to receive a student concession card. You can find out more information on the Public Transport Victoria website. 



Once you receive your official enrolment offer through VTAC, we will email and post your paperwork to you.

This paperwork includes:
Enrolment/Offer Form
Academic Calendar 
Instructions for Certifying Documents 
Orientation Week Information 

You will need to complete all paperwork and either email, post or hand it in within 14 days of receiving it. 

All paperwork will be sent to you with detailed instructions on how to complete it. Please read the instructions carefully. 


If you have had a successful interview/audition, then you should have already received your enrolment forms via email. If you have not received these, please get in contact with the recruitment team: or 1300 818 777.

If you have not yet returned your paperwork, please do so as soon as possible to ensure we save a place for you. Your FEE-HELP will be completed online via a link Collarts will email to you following enrolment. 

If you’re unsure of anything or have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our student advisors:

Future Student Team 
1300 818 777


Timetables are provided during O-Week. You will be provided with an individual, detailed timetable at orientation. The delivery of timetables is dependent on a number of factors, particularly where students collaborate across cohorts and are split into different workshops and ensembles. Music Performance and Music Production are most subject to change due to ensemble adjustments in the first few weeks.



All students should bring a notebook and pens. You are welcome to bring laptops to classes to take notes. 


Audio Engineering and Music Production: A good set of headphones (we recommend purchasing these after receiving instructions from your Course Head and/or Student ID for discounts) and a reliable hard drive. A good computer with plenty of storage is recommended but not compulsory. Also bring notebook and pens. 

Entertainment Journalism, Entertainment Management and Screen & Media: Notebook and pens; laptop optional.

Music Students: Primary instrument from Week 1 of classes (as appropriate—drums and keys are not necessary). Also bring a manuscript book, notebook and pens.


Animation & VFX: A computer or laptop that meets the minimum recommended specifications from CG Spectrum.

Digital & Social Media and Fashion Marketing: Notebook and pens; laptop optional.

Fashion & Sustainability: Fashion studio kit (specialist sewing/machine supplies) see here.

Interior Design: Notebook, art kit and computer program requirements—see here. You may purchase these after receiving your Student ID card for student discounts.



1300 818 777

Student Services Helpdesk (For enrolment, timetables, academic support and health & wellbeing)

IT Helpdesk (IT and Tech Inquiries/Troubleshooting)

Alternatively, visit the Student Services Office at the Wellington Street Campus.


Collarts provides access to a range of physical and online library resources, services and facilities across two sites, as well as off campus. With a Design Library at Cromwell St and a space dedicated to music and performance resources at Wellington St, Collarts is committed to providing all students with constant opportunities to discover, access, use, create and share knowledge. Online services have been curated in response to student need and include highly regarded research and learning databases such as JSTOR, Informit and Linkedin Learning.

Academic Skills

Collarts offers support and guidance in a variety of academic areas such as essay writing, referencing, research techniques, time management, planning, presentations, and critical reflection. We also offer support in developing learning habits that align with what research shows the most successful students apply in their studies. Students can also receive guidance in using online tools for writing feedback, managing references and creating a personalised research compendium. Meetings are available in one-on-one sessions in person, online, or via email. Individual courses also offer subject-specific tutoring.


Health & Wellbeing

If you are struggling with a personal matter or worried about anything – whether it relates to your study or not – knowing there’s someone you can talk to can really help.

The agencies listed in the Useful Contacts section below provide free, anonymous and confidential services.

Collarts also offers students access to free and confidential appointments with our Wellbeing Support and Counsellor.  You'll find more information regarding this service on this page.

LGBTIQ+ Support at Collarts

Collarts celebrates its diverse community of students and staff. We know that people who identify as part of the LGBTIQ+ community or people of diverse sexualities and genders face a range of unique challenges. We acknowledge the need to actively and positively support this diversity and the importance of providing a safe and welcoming environment for all staff and students.

A list of resources that you might find helpful for accessing support or building inclusion and promoting involvement at Collarts or the community are listed below:

A counselling and referral service for LGBTI people. Provides nation-wide telephone and web based services to people of all ages across the full breadth of people’s bodies, genders, relationships, sexualities and lived experiences.

Minus18 is Australia's largest youth driven organisation for LGBTIQ youth. Minus18 provide incredible social events, dance parties and resources for LGBTIQ youth all over Australia.

Organisation Intersex International Australia is an independent support, education and policy development organisation run by and for people with intersex variations or traits. Oii focus on human rights, bodily autonomy, self-determination and on evidence-based, patient-directed health care.

Wellbeing Support & Counselling

Collarts offers all students a free and confidential counselling service. Whether you study on campus or online, you can pre-book a time to speak with one of our qualified staff. The Wellbeing and Counselling team are available 5 days a week and available to talk to you about any difficulty or concern that might be impacting your studies or your personal wellbeing. Our counsellors are able to assistance with many issues, including:

  • Concerns about course or study-related issues (concentration, motivation, exam anxiety);
  • Difficulties in relationships with significant others (family, partners, friends)questions of identity, self-esteem and confidence;
  • Feelings of depression, anxiety and fear loss or trauma;
  • Alcohol or other drug related problems;
  • Stress or conflict at home, work or University;
  • Coping with disabilities, health problems or mental illness;
  • Sexuality, sexual identity and coming out.

Some of the benefits of counselling can be:

  • Having support following a crisis or trauma;
  • Sharing your thoughts and feelings with a trained person;
  • Developing strategies for problem solving, decision making and change;
  • Identifying and building on your strengths;
  • Looking at alternative ways of behaving or thinking;
  • Becoming clearer about your concerns and direction.

To make an appointment please email: 


Lifeline: 13 11 14 - Telephone counselling (Available 24 hours, 7 days)

Suicide Helpline: 1300 651 251 (Available 24 hours, 7 days)

Sexual Assault Crisis Line: 1800 806 292 - Counselling, advocacy and referral

Directline: 1800 888 236 - Drug and Alcohol counselling (Free, anonymous and confidential - 24/7)

Griefline: 03 5596 7799 - Bereavement support (12pm - 3am)

Mensline: 1300 789 978 - Counselling and referrals for men

WIRE: 1300 134 130 - Support and referral for women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people (Free and confidential)

Nurse on Call: 1300 606 024 - Expert health advice (24 hours, 7 days a week)

City of Yarra Child Care: (03) 9205 5555 - Child care centres near Collarts campuses

In an EMERGENCY call: 000 or 112 from a mobile phone


Student Accommodation

This housing option can be single or shared and is generally more expensive than share houses. These are usually short to long term renting options, most places are fully furnished and many even provide meals.

Uni Lodge

Student Hostel Network

Student Housing Australia 

(search "Collarts - Australian College of the Arts" to find nearby accommodation)

Share Houses

The below sites list share houses with rooms to rent. Share housing is generally cheaper than student accommodation, most places already have some furniture, short and long-term options and the added bonus of allowing you to meet new people.

Flatmate Finder

FairyFloss Real Estate

Rental Properties

These sites have online listings if you’re looking to rent a property on your own or with friends. Most rental properties will come unfurnished, will require a bond, and you will need to meet certain requirements and sign a lease.


Other Options

Post a Notice:
If you are looking for a room or people to share with others, try posting a notice on The Common Room (our private Collarts student Facebook page).

Homestay is a great option if you like a family environment. They can be booked through homestay companies who screen the host families and the accommodation for suitability. Check out

Have any other questions?

If you have any questions, contact our Future Student Team below:

1300 818 777