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The Bachelor degrees at Collarts are offered over six trimesters and can be completed in two years of full-time study or four years of part-time study. Full time study generally requires students to be on campus 3–4 days a week, with the exception of our online-only Bachelor of Animation and VFX degree.

The Diplomas for Music Performance, Music Production, Audio Engineering, Content Creation, Interior Design, Fashion Marketing and Entertainment Management are offered over two trimesters of full-time study, or can be completed in four trimesters of part-time study.

For the Diploma of Arts in Entertainment Journalism, full-time study is three trimesters, or can be completed in six trimesters of part-time study. Full time study generally requires students to be on campus 3–4 days a week.


Orientation Week,   10th September — 14th September
Trimester Three Teaching Period, 17th September — 7th December

Examination Period, 10th December — 14th December
Census Date, 5th October


Orientation Week Starts, 28th January
Trimester 1 Starts, 4th February

Direct Applications Close, 8th February
Census Date, 22nd February


Information coming soon. 


Collarts focuses on giving students real-life industry experiences so that they are career-ready when they graduate. We provide a wide range of experience-based scholarships for Collarts’ students that enrich their study experience and connect them with the industry they want to work in. Collarts supports students in a variety of ways, from overseas exchange programs, to international summer camps, interstate conference attendance, sought-after internships and hands-on experience at major festivals.

Some of our scholarships include:

  • Taking part in an intensive International Summer Camp, Band and Business Camp, or Songwriter Week at Popakademie, Germany. Learn more;
  • Spending a Trimester studying abroad at Drexel University in Philadelphia, USA. Learn more;
  • Having your music professionally recorded and produced with the ‘Collarts Music: Career Start Scholarship’;
  • Experience working at Falls Festival, Groovin The Moo, Melbourne Fashion Week and more;
  • Attending the Bigsound Conference in Brisbane and other Melbourne conferences;
  • Undertaking a major internship with Music Victoria.

Application criteria and times vary depending on what is available at the time of your study. Talk to us to find out what experience-based scholarships you might be eligible for.


What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is designed to recognise and acknowledge current knowledge, skills, attributes that students may have gained through previous study or work experiences. Collarts will grant course credit in Recognition of Prior Learning if the student is assessed to meet the requirements set by the college. For more information, see the Collarts Recognition of Prior Learning for Admission or Course Credit Policy documentation.

How do I apply for RPL?

Applicants who are seeking course credit for Recognition of Prior Learning should download and complete the Application for Course Credit in Recognition of Prior Learning form. Please email this completed form, along with any documentary evidence in support of the application to the Collarts Registrar.

What are the benefits?

RPL enables students to reduce their course loads by not repeating subjects that they already have knowledge and experience in. RPL also allows students to reduce financial costs of repeating subjects they may have already completed at a different educational institute.

For more information about Course Credit and RPL, you can email the college or call us directly on (03) 9281 8888.


The student handbook contains details about our college including: our mission and vision, campus information, enrolment details, program and assessment details, as well as our policies and procedures. You can view or download the Student Handbook.


Current Year 12 Students

If you are currently in Year 12 you must apply via VTAC regardless of whether you live in Victoria or a different state.

Once you have submitted a Collarts course into your VTAC preferences, our Future Student Team will contact you to arrange a suitable interview and/or audition time. Make sure your details are correct!

Non-Year 12 Students

If you’re not currently in Year 12, you may apply directly on our website or via VTAC.

Once your application has been received, whether direct or via VTAC, our Future Student Team will contact you to arrange a suitable interview and/or audition time.

This application process applies to all non-year 12 candidates, including (but not limited to) those with:

  1. Recent secondary education (within the last 2 years)
  2. Higher education study
  3. Vocational education training (VET) study
  4. Work and life experience

What happens at your Interview?

Applicants for all of our courses must undertake a 30-minute interview. During the interview, we will ask you questions about your knowledge and experience in your field of interest as well as discuss your course choice with you.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to tour the campus;
  • You’ll learn about studying at Collarts;
  • You’ll meet our friendly staff;
  • You’ll be able to ask any questions you might have.

What happens at your Audition?

Applicants for the Bachelor of Arts (Music) must complete an audition as well as an interview. It is expected that applicants have a good understanding of their instrument and applicants would benefit from having some basic music theory knowledge. The audition process will also be discussed when we set up an audition time.

  • You can audition as an instrumentalist (includes vocalists) or as a singer/instrumentalist songwriter
  • You will be required to perform two contrasting works of your choice. If you are applying for the songwriter stream, you must audition with two original pieces
  • You can perform with or without accompaniment or a backing track
  • The college can provide audio playback equipment, a PA, a guitar or bass amp, a drum kit and piano for accompaniment. Let us know if you have any of these requirements.

If you reside outside of Victoria

If you are residing outside of Victoria but would like to apply for one of our courses we can set up an interview via Skype or phone and can organise an online audition if necessary.

Timings for Auditions/Interviews

Auditions and interviews take place throughout the year at your convenience. Contact us on (+61) 1300 818 777 to organise this or fill out our online application form and a member of staff will contact you.

Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria for each Collarts course is different, and also varies depending on the candidate’s background, qualifications and previous experience. You can see the Admission Criteria on the individual course page.


You can choose from our fee-paying options or if you meet the criteria you can opt to pay for your studies via FEE-HELP.

Higher Education Loan Program

All courses currently offered at Collarts are supported by the Australian Government’s FEE-HELP scheme for eligible students. This means that for students studying under the FEE-HELP scheme, we don’t require upfront payments for course fees.

The Higher Education Loan Program (FEE-HELP) and is the private institution version of the HECS-HELP system. For more information about FEE-HELP and eligibility criteria, see the Australian Government Study Assist website.

Upon acceptance to Collarts, we will mail all eligible students a FEE-HELP application form that they can fill out and return to us prior to the Census date. Each student will need a TFN to apply.

Note that despite the similarity in name, VET FEE HELP is a distinctly separate government service to FEE HELP and Collarts has not been affected by the 2016 government changes to VET FEE HELP.

Up-Front Fee-paying Students

If you are ineligible for FEE-HELP or you elect to pay your fees upfront, fee-paying students can pay by EFTPOS, direct deposit or credit card. All major cards are accepted.

2019 Fee Prices

Fees are $2,270 per unit, which is $9,080 per trimester for a full-time study load. The total cost for our diplomas (two trimesters of study) is $18,160 with the exception of the diploma of Entertainment Journalism (three trimesters of study) which is $27,240. The total cost for the two-year (six trimesters) degree is $54,480. The total cost for the double degrees (nine trimesters) is $81,720. You can see the full 2019 Fees Schedule here.

Tuition Assurance

Tuition assurance protects students in the event a course of study provided by an approved HELP provider ceases to be provided after it starts but before it is completed. For more information about Collarts’ Tuition Assurance, click here.


Set across four incredible inner-city campuses, Collarts is a dynamic creative space full of energy, passion and opportunity.

Click here for more information on our campus facilities, public transport options and concession, and parking.


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