Gemma Horbury

Music Performance Teacher

Award-winning trumpeter Gemma Horbury brings an ever-evolving skill set to the stage: going beyond brass to incorporate visuals, vocals and hip hop MC-ing in charismatic, genre-defying performances. She has performed internationally in Europe, the UK and Asia; and at top Australian festivals including The Big Day Out, Woodford Folk Festival, The Falls Festival and Melbourne’s International Jazz and Comedy Festivals.

Gemma is known for her unique sound and on-stage presence whether playing jazz, classical, world music, contemporary or experimental styles. Her work shifts between technological innovation and tradition yet are underpinned by deep connections to sustainability and developing community capacity through the arts. 

Beginning her career as a classical musician, Gemma’s knowledge of the trumpet encompasses performance practice, mythology and construction methods dating back to ancient times. In 2002 she was awarded a scholarship to study historic brass performance in the UK, and completed a course in Baroque trumpet making at Edinburgh University. Gemma devised a prototype “Electric Video Trumpet” in 2008, enabling control of audiovisual software via modified games controllers attached to an ordinary trumpet.

Gemma’s diverse portfolio includes co-ordinating a TV channel for adolescent hospital patients, producing a skateboarding DVD, working as a sound designer for theatre and co-ordinating a mass “band battle” for Northcote’s High Noon Festival. An inspiring musical director, Gemma is a recipient of the Generations in Jazz Yamaha Jazz Spirit Award (2011), and initiated the Darebin Music Feast / Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde Composition Competition, a statewide award for Victorian composers.