Al Harding

DAWs, Synthesis, Orchestration, & Aural Training Teacher

Al began life as an orchestral trombonist and pianist, but came to prominence performing, producing, and touring (on keyboards, vocals and trombone) with The Black Sorrows, Deborah Conway, Boom Crash Opera, and Stephen Cummings. As a performer, Al has toured with some of the biggest acts in the world, such as Sting, Jethro Tull, Whitney Houston, and Crowded House.

Al later turned to composition for film and TV, where he became one of Australia’s busiest and most versatile composers and sound designers. He has directed and conducted various ensembles in the studio, including the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and various big bands, but has also produced a number of local musicians and bands.

Producing from his boutique studio in Elsternwick, Al has scored the USA feature film and television shows, The Heist, Halifax f.p. and more recently City Homicide and Canal Rd. All up, Al has composed over five hundred local and international TV and cinema ad soundtracks.

In addition to his production work, Al has a strong passion for aural training, believing that the musical ear is an often neglected tool.